At Goldhawk Coffees, as your dedicated wholesale specialty coffee supplier and partner, we’re committed to streamlining the entire process, ensuring it’s both effortless and delectable for you whether you are a cafe, restaurant, hotel, or an office.

Our strong connections with suppliers, spanning from the coffee farms, coffee machine manufactures to packaging providers, grant you and your customers access to ethical, sustainable, and top-tier coffee.

We always strive to provide tailored solutions that perfectly align with your business goals, whether you prioritize coffee origin, ethical practices, or pricing considerations. Our friendly and accommodating approach is designed to make the entire journey, from inception to conclusion, an uncomplicated and stress-free experience.

Packaging sizes: 1kg bag – 2 kg bag


If you’re here, it’s likely because you’re seeking to elevate your business with the finest coffee, perhaps even considering adding a coffee machine to your office setup.

We firmly believe that, in today’s competitive workplace, employees are seeking more from their employers. It’s not just about work-life balance; it’s about introducing well-being into the workplace.

As employers, retaining talented staff has never been more critical, and in a world full of enticing opportunities, a great cup of coffee can make a significant difference. We’ll educate you about our core business—COFFEE. Then, we’ll curate a coffee tasting experience with our seasonal selections, allowing you to choose what best suits your business and preferences.

Packaging sizes: 1kg bag – 2 kg bag


Whether you’re expanding your existing product range or launching a new one, white label or private label coffee can facilitate access to new customer demographics and enhance your brand’s visibility.

When used as an incentive, reward, or gift, this top-tier product, adorned with your branding, fosters stakeholder loyalty. Beyond its premium quality, it becomes a noteworthy conversation starter. Opting for a white label coffee product can introduce your brand to a wider audience, including potential customers in settings like offices and homes.

How Our Private Label Service Operates?

Get in Touch: Upon initial contact, whether via telephone or email outlining your plans, we will arrange a consultation to discuss your coffee venture.

Exploration: We’ll schedule a meeting, which can take the form of a video call, a phone conversation, or an in-person discussion—whichever suits your preferences. During this interaction, we aim to understand your exciting coffee project and your customers’ requirements. Additionally, we can provide product samples to assist you in determining the best direction for your business.

Unique Selling Proposition: Prior to our meeting, we recommend gathering some research and ideas about your brand. Key considerations include:

  • How the new coffee product complements your existing range.
  • Your branding strategy for the new coffee product.
  • Identifying your target market, their preferences, and their product requirements.
  • Defining the unique attributes of your product.
  • Deciding the number of variations, you wish to offer within your product line.
  • Determining whether the product will be a perennial offering or designed for seasonal or drop shipping purposes.
  • Sampling Phase: We’ll collaborate with you to curate a sample pack, allowing you to try our products and assess how they align with your customers’ expectations. 
  • Branding Process: Once you’ve selected the products you wish to utilize, we will initiate label printing, organize packaging, and establish an account for seamless stock or wholesale order placement in the future.

Who Is Eligible to Offer White Label Coffee?

We collaborate with a diverse array of B2B partners, each with distinct requirements for our private label coffee offerings. Our B2B clientele spans various industries, and we extend a warm welcome to partners from any background:

  • Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels, and Coffee Houses: Seeking a new signature coffee supplier for their establishments.
  • Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels, and Coffee Houses: In search of guest roasted coffee options to feature.
  • Businesses such as Showrooms, Real Estate Agents, and Premium/Luxury Services: Wishing to provide an espresso machine and their exclusive line of custom-branded coffee to cater to their customers.
  • Businesses: Interested in launching their own branded white label coffee for sale in their eCommerce platforms or brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Businesses: In need of branded coffee products for gifting purposes, whether it’s for clients, employees, or other stakeholders.
  • Limited Runs: For charities, conventions, conferences, and seasonal events that require coffee products for a specific period or occasion.
  • Entrepreneurs and Enthusiasts: Anyone enthusiastic about offering premium-quality coffee to their customer base.

In essence, white label coffee can cater to a wide spectrum of businesses and individuals, offering flexibility and quality for various applications and markets. 

How Our White Label Coffee Pricing, Packaging, and Sizing Operate?

Our pricing for white label products aligns with our standard wholesale rates. Prior to commencing your supply, all costs will be mutually agreed upon. Please note that specific custom orders or requests may entail additional costs.

For our standard white label coffee products, we draw from our existing product lines, which have been thoroughly tested and proven successful among our customers. We then adapt these white label coffee products to carry your preferred branding.

  • Our packaging is fully recyclable.
  • 250g pouch packaging is available in both matte black and white options.
  • Kilo bags are exclusively available in white packaging.
  • Our in-house labeling is printed on paper-based gloss labels, sized at 76x127mm.
  • Back of bag labels are printed on white paper labels.
  • Every bag complies with food manufacturing standards, providing all necessary information.
  • Furthermore, all labels can be customized to your specifications and design preferences.

We offer two primary sizes for our white label coffee products:

Size: 250g Bag

Ideally suited for corporate gifting, B2C retail, and hospitality.

Available in various types, including whole beans, filter, aeropress, cafetiere, and espresso/stovetop.

Size: 1kg Bag /2kg bag

Designed to meet the industry standard for cafes, catering to higher volume trade and displays.

Exclusively available as whole beans.

Our white label coffee products are versatile, eco-friendly, and adaptable to your specific branding and size preferences.