Wholesale Coffee Roasters
White Label and Private Label

Cafes, Restaurants, Bakeries, Offices—Great coffee is a welcome addition to any scene.
We pride ourselves on having fewer, but deeper, wholesale relationships.

At Goldhawk Coffees, we specialize in all things coffee, offering a comprehensive range of services to meet your every need. From roasting to packaging, branding to labelling, we are your ultimate destination for all coffee-related requirements. Whether you’re looking for white label packaging or customised packaging with your own unique label, we have you covered. Our expertise extends to both branding and roasting, ensuring that your coffee stands out in the market with a signature taste and captivating design. Get ready to experience a complete coffee solution with us, your “one-stop shop” for all things caffeinated.


As authentic artisanal coffee roasters passionate about specialty coffees, we are dedicated to making high-quality premium coffees for customers worldwide.

Goldhawk was born to offer you a unique "from origin to cup" experience. Our beans are 100% Arabica, grown in Brazil at high elevations, and selected for peak freshness.

Every sip tastes rich and clean, showcasing the unique flavor of the coffees sourced from small coffee farms and owned by enthusiastic and talented growers who actively support their local communities.
Great coffee can set the tone for an uplifting day, grind your beans and inhale the fresh aroma while we take care of the rest.